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Digital and analogue: a match made in mortgage heaven

Now that the world’s first driverless car is a reality, it begs the question: how do we continue to investigate and find the most effective balance between technology and people?

In the case of dealing with one of the most significant financial decisions in a person’s life, it is clear the marriage of the digital and analogue customer interface is the ultimate combination for the future of mortgage sales.

Innovation has already meant the way we interact with money has changed significantly over the last five years. Digital platforms allow us to source and obtain products and services at the click of a button.

But what does this mean for the trusted relationship between lender and borrower? How can we develop and nurture brand champions without an analogue connection?

Strong relationships are, and will continue to be, built on emotion – and that emotion or ‘heart margin’ is still key to developing brand champions that become our referrers and loyal supporters of our mortgage businesses.


We already know the user experience is changing in the mortgage space, and the delicate balance of technology and face-to-face human interaction is where the future sweet spot for lenders exists.

However, at the speed in which the market is evolving, it is often difficult for large lenders to be sensitive and respond quickly to the change in consumer needs. This inability to be nimble is largely due to the reliance on multimillion-dollar legacy platforms that, to some extent, hamstring their businesses.

The rigid nature of these platforms may provide a perception of security, but in reality, makes it extremely difficult to embrace innovation and change.

As a result, the critical ability to test and trial new initiatives without disrupting existing infrastructure continues to be a huge challenge for large lenders.

This is where eChoice steps in.


Our customised technology allows us to be the conduit between the consumer and big business.

Seeing the digital landscape movements and evolution over the past 20 years has allowed us to be prepared for and open to change, with the ability to become the ‘research division’ for companies reliant on cumbersome legacy frames.

We touch, on average each month, up to 5,000 Australian consumers looking at home finance, which importantly allows us to test, learn and understand the needs of the consumer to prepare, inform and advise our brokers and clients.

This is our everyday.

Thanks to that fruitful marriage of technology and people, our everyday experience, agility and insight into consumer experience offers other businesses the opportunity to test and learn, prior to implementation, what will work best for them.

The eChoice business model enables large business to add another important layer between them and the consumer – we can test and adapt technology quickly to solve the often ‘unsolvable’ issues for large corporations.

Digital plus analogue equals a progressive marriage.

Digital and analogue: a match made in mortgage heaven
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