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Juwai forms AI partnership with Macau tech group

Juwai forms AI partnership with Macau tech group

Chinese international property portal has partnered with a Macau-based artificial intelligence service provider to pioneer robot technology in the real estate space.

Signed on 11 April, the new agreement will see deploy Singou’s AI engine to enhance the consumer service it provides to Chinese international property buyers. will also begin distributing to the property industry and to home owners the robot Butler 1, Singou’s newest model.

The two companies will spend the next several months training the Singou AI engine using the data and insights that has gathered in its five years of serving Chinese international property buyers.

During the training period, robots will be deployed at international property industry events in China and in showrooms and offices in Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, Australia and Canada or the UK. This experience will provide further data and inputs to train the artificial intelligence engine.

“ is excited to be partnering with such an innovative company as Singou and its inspiring leader, Dr Hon Chi Tin. We want to leverage this partnership with Singou to provide better service to Chinese international property buyers and our international property marketing customers,” the group’s CEO, Carrie Law, said.

“This partnership helps achieve two strategic goals: providing better consumer service ourselves and also helping our real estate marketer customers to do the same for the Chinese consumers who visit their offices.

“Singou’s AI chatbot engine will enable to improve and scale the service we provide to consumers. We will use the AI and chatbot to crunch data, handle basic requests and speed [up] processing.”

According to Ms Law, the robot is essentially a carrier that lets Juwai’s AI consumer service engine be present in real estate sales offices anywhere in the world.

She noted that China plans to be the global leader in artificial intelligence and robotics by 2030 and is investing heavily in the field.

“China’s core AI industries should be worth, the State Council believes, US$50 billion by 2025. China already installs more robots per year than Europe, the US and the rest of Asia combined.”

Juwai forms AI partnership with Macau tech group
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