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22 Jun 2017
RBA downplays bank levy impact
The Reserve Bank of Australia has played down the significance of the government's bank levy, noting it is "not particularly ...
4 Aug 2015
RBA ends suspense with interest rate announcement
The Reserve Bank of Australia has delivered the result of its monthly board meeting. ...
2 May 2017
RBA expected to leave rates on hold
Leading economists are confident that the Reserve Bank will leave the official cash rate unchanged at today’s board meeting...
27 Aug 2015
RBA exposes ‘intertwined nature’ of SMEs and mortgages
The Reserve Bank of Australia has released an extensive report examining the nature of SME funding in relation to house price...
6 Sep 2017
RBA eyes 3% growth amid ‘troughed’ inflation
The Reserve Bank of Australia has doubled down on its 3 per cent growth target despite acknowledging that economic shocks “...
3 Oct 2017
RBA fears property investors could bring the market down
Given the high number of property investors in Australia, the Reserve Bank is worried that if capital growth slows, investors...
3 Nov 2014
RBA figures strengthen case for lending curbs
The Reserve Bank’s latest lending figures point to an increase in investor home loan growth in September. ...
23 Feb 2016
RBA flags ‘increasing risk’ in property market
The Reserve Bank of Australia has warned of the increasing risk in one real estate market as prices rise ahead of rents and v...
29 Aug 2014
RBA flags ‘systemic risk’ of home lending
The Reserve Bank has warned of the potential risks of directing any more finance towards housing in its latest submission to ...
7 Aug 2017
RBA flags issue with non-major turnaround times
Interest-only lending changes driven by increased regulatory scrutiny are creating processing headaches for the non-major ban...
11 Sep 2018
RBA flags mortgage serviceability risks
Household debt risks “remain high” and could pose a threat to credit quality, with both banks and borrowers susceptible t...
21 Feb 2018
RBA flags potential ‘financial stress’ threat for next five years
The Reserve Bank of Australia is keeping a watchful eye on interest-only mortgagors whose terms are due to expire between th...
17 Aug 2018
RBA governor ‘appalled’ at royal commission revelations
Philip Lowe, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, has said that he is “incredibly disappointed” and “appalled...
27 Jun 2018
RBA governor appointed chair of global financial system committee
Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) governor Philip Lowe has been appointed as chair of the Committee on the Global Financial Sys...
4 Jul 2017
RBA has lending rates ‘where they want them’: economist
The possibility of eight rate hikes in two years is “highly unlikely”, but a cash rate cut could be on the cards, accordi...
22 Nov 2017
RBA has no target for house prices, says Lowe
The RBA has joined APRA in stressing its indifference towards house prices, despite flagging risks in the property market and...
29 Jun 2017
RBA hikes could push mortgage rates to 7 per cent
The Reserve Bank of Australia could hike rates eight times in two years, pushing the average standard variable rate up to 7...
7 Jun 2016
RBA holds cash rate
The Reserve Bank of Australia has kept the cash rate on hold at 1.75 per cent after last week’s stronger GDP figures calmed...
7 Nov 2017
RBA holds cash rate at record low
The Reserve Bank of Australia has today announced the official cash rate for November, following its monthly board meeting. ...
7 Dec 2016
RBA holds rates on ‘strengthened’ housing market
Following its decision to leave rates on hold yesterday, the Reserve Bank of Australia says conditions in the housing market ...


I'm pretty concerned about investor activity right now and its impact on housing prices. Yes, banks have relaxed lending criteria, making it easier to get money but the impact Ive seen already in inve.....rba needs to get the nest year or so right otherwise well be in trouble.

Any out-of-cycle downward cut to variable rates has to be minor and more likely an adjustment to previous rate cuts that were not fully passed on. The RBA's cash rate determines a benchmark for margin.....rba's cash rate determines a benchmark for margins, and while some lenders may take a hit on their m...
I dont know of any bank that has lifted their reverse mortgage interest rates out of line with any RBA movements. What the hell are they talking about?.....rba movements. What the hell are they talking about?

Such garbage... CHOICE is the most corrupt organisation in Australia, and only recommend businesses, companies, people that benefit themselves. The only conflict of interest via the commission syste...

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Do you think the banking royal commission recommendations could negatively impact competition in the mortgage market?