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6 Oct 2015
RBA rate announcement
The Reserve Bank of Australia has revealed the result of its first monthly board meeting since the change of prime minister. ...
3 May 2016
RBA rate cut ‘may not be enough’
After 12 months with no movement, the Reserve Bank of Australia is tipped to cut the official interest rate to a historic new...
14 May 2014
RBA rate cut expected by year end
The federal Budget has created compelling evidence for the Reserve Bank to cut interest rates - rather than raise them - by y...
6 Feb 2018
RBA rate cut would be a good move, says economist
A leading economist has cited concerns over “extremely high” household debt and a potential rise in mortgage defaults as ...
8 Nov 2017
RBA rate hike could cause 'house price falls': UBS
Investment bank UBS has predicted that the RBA’s monetary setting will lag behind the global economy. ...
27 Nov 2014
RBA report exposes key lending risks
The Reserve Bank of Australia has published a first-of-its-kind report on the Australian mortgage market that reveals troubli...
13 May 2015
RBA report highlights credit risks
A new report by the Reserve Bank of Australia has warned that rising unemployment and household indebtedness could have a sev...
1 Mar 2016
RBA reveals cash rate decision
The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced the decision of its monthly board meeting. ...
5 Dec 2017
RBA reveals cash rate decision
The cash rate for December has been announced by the Reserve Bank of Australia following its regularly scheduled monthly boar...
6 Nov 2018
RBA reveals November cash rate
The central bank has announced its cash rate decision for November following its monthly board meeting.  ...
10 Nov 2014
RBA reveals reasons behind interest-only surge
The Reserve Bank has revealed that an increasing number of owner-occupiers are opting for interest-only loans to increase rep...
14 Aug 2015
RBA reveals the downside of rising house prices
The Reserve Bank of Australia has warned that rising property prices are creating risks in the economy and are unlikely to im...
20 Jul 2015
RBA says 'case for reviewing negative gearing' exists
The Reserve Bank is open to a negative gearing review after revealing that an increasing number of investors are using the co...
14 Feb 2017
RBA says property investors could trigger housing downturn
The Reserve Bank of Australia has named a number of potential causes for a widespread downturn in the housing market includin...
31 Oct 2018
RBA seeks feedback on New Payments Platform
The Reserve Bank is seeking public input on the functionality of the New Payments Platform launched in February. ...
7 Aug 2017
RBA sees ‘favourable’ situation for the major banks
Cheaper funding and recent rate hikes are increasing the “implied spread” of the big four, according to the Reserve Bank ...
22 Oct 2014
RBA sheds no new light on lending worries
The Reserve Bank gave little indication of its plans to rein in investor lending in the minutes of its October 7 board meetin...
9 Nov 2015
RBA shrugs off bank rate hikes
Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens has played down the impact of the recent out-of-cycle rate hikes by the banks. ...
9 Mar 2015
RBA singles out housing to drive economy
The Reserve Bank of Australia has flagged the “substantial lift” in housing construction as evidence that monetary policy...
19 Apr 2016
RBA sounds alarm on housing risks
The Reserve Bank of Australia has issued a fresh warning over the “ongoing risk” in the real estate market and called fo...


I'm pretty concerned about investor activity right now and its impact on housing prices. Yes, banks have relaxed lending criteria, making it easier to get money but the impact Ive seen already in inve.....rba needs to get the nest year or so right otherwise well be in trouble.

Any out-of-cycle downward cut to variable rates has to be minor and more likely an adjustment to previous rate cuts that were not fully passed on. The RBA's cash rate determines a benchmark for margin.....rba's cash rate determines a benchmark for margins, and while some lenders may take a hit on their m...
I dont know of any bank that has lifted their reverse mortgage interest rates out of line with any RBA movements. What the hell are they talking about?.....rba movements. What the hell are they talking about?

Such garbage... CHOICE is the most corrupt organisation in Australia, and only recommend businesses, companies, people that benefit themselves. The only conflict of interest via the commission syste...



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