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13 Oct 2014
Housing finance stagnates as RBA jawboning takes effect
Demand for home loans dropped off in August, according to new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). ...
20 Feb 2017
Housing market ‘not all about owning home’, says RBA
The RBA’s assistant governor (economic) says that although there are some “pockets of potential stress” in the housing ...
20 Apr 2017
Housing markets warrant ‘careful monitoring’: RBA
The Reserve Bank of Australia has clarified its stance on the official cash rate, noting that while indicators of financial s...
22 Nov 2016
Housing on RBA “wall of worry”, says CBA economist
The Reserve Bank’s growing fears over residential property are increasing the likelihood of tighter regulation, according t...
18 Oct 2016
Improved outlook to keep RBA ‘on sidelines’
A big four bank has said the Reserve Bank is likely to stay “on the sidelines” with regard to lowering the cash rate, i...
11 Mar 2016
Increased housing supply cooling house prices: RBA
The Reserve Bank of Australia has reaffirmed that it is continuing to monitor developments in the housing market “very clos...
21 Sep 2015
Increased supply of housing 'has to be the answer': RBA
Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens has spoken out about the seriousness of housing affordability and suggested how the natio...
4 May 2016
Industry figures applaud RBA cash rate call
The Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to slash the official cash rate to a new historic low is positive news for both th...
2 Dec 2015
Industry figures react to RBA rate decision
Industry professionals say there is no surprise that the Reserve Bank decided to leave the official cash rate unchanged at 2....
6 Apr 2016
Industry figures respond to RBA decision
Despite the recent spike in the Australian dollar, industry figures have labelled the Reserve Bank’s April cash rate decisi...
6 Feb 2018
Industry unanimous in RBA cash rate prediction
Economists and industry leaders all agree on what decision they believe the Reserve Bank will be making in its first cash rat...
27 Jan 2015
Inflation weighs on RBA rate move
Westpac expects lower inflation will provide the Reserve Bank of Australia with an appropriate trigger to cut rates next week...
26 Nov 2015
Interest rates to remain 'very low' for years: RBA
The governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia has predicted that global interest rates will remain low for the better part of...
26 Apr 2018
Interest-only borrowers face $7,000 mortgage hike: RBA
Borrowers approaching the expiry of their interest-only home loans period could be required to fork out an additional $7,000 ...
9 Jun 2016
Loans.com.au slashes mortgage rate despite RBA decision
Online lender Loans.com.au has defied the Reserve Bank’s decision to keep the cash rate on hold by cutting one of its mortg...
5 Oct 2018
Market conditions warding off RBA hike
Fitch Ratings has maintained that sluggish improvements in the unemployment rate, stagnant inflation and exchange rate deprec...
13 Dec 2017
Marketplace lenders lack ‘information advantage’: RBA
The Reserve Bank of Australia has said that there is no evidence that marketplace lending platforms are reducing financial ...
6 Sep 2018
Mortgage credit still ‘readily available’, says RBA
The investor exodus from the housing market is a “normal” part of the cycle, the average interest rate is lower year-on-y...
25 Sep 2014
Mortgage market becoming ‘unbalanced’, says RBA
The Reserve Bank has highlighted the disproportionate surge in investor home loans as a potential risk to Australia’s finan...
22 Mar 2017
Mortgage rate hikes could force RBA’s hand
A 25 basis point out-of-cycle rate hike in owner-occupied mortgage rates could pressure the Reserve Bank to make another cash...


I'm pretty concerned about investor activity right now and its impact on housing prices. Yes, banks have relaxed lending criteria, making it easier to get money but the impact Ive seen already in inve.....rba needs to get the nest year or so right otherwise well be in trouble.

Any out-of-cycle downward cut to variable rates has to be minor and more likely an adjustment to previous rate cuts that were not fully passed on. The RBA's cash rate determines a benchmark for margin.....rba's cash rate determines a benchmark for margins, and while some lenders may take a hit on their m...
I dont know of any bank that has lifted their reverse mortgage interest rates out of line with any RBA movements. What the hell are they talking about?.....rba movements. What the hell are they talking about?

Such garbage... CHOICE is the most corrupt organisation in Australia, and only recommend businesses, companies, people that benefit themselves. The only conflict of interest via the commission syste...

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