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11 Jan 2016
RBA troubled with low inflation: HSBC
Persistently low inflation is creating a headache for the Reserve Bank of Australia, especially given that it is reluctant to...
20 Dec 2016
RBA unlikely to follow the Fed by lifting rates
A leading economist has outlined the positives of a US rate hike for Australia, including downward pressure on the Aussie dol...
6 Mar 2018
RBA unveils interest rate decision
The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced its cash rate decision for March following its monthly board meeting. ...
3 Dec 2019
RBA unveils pre-Christmas cash rate
The central bank has revealed its cash rate decision for December, following its monthly monetary policy board meeting.   ...
9 Sep 2015
RBA warns against poor lending practices
The Reserve Bank of Australia has warned lenders not to forget good credit management after acknowledging the temptation to e...
4 Apr 2014
RBA warns banks on lending standards
Some banks may be letting big profits go to their heads by dropping lending standards, according to the Reserve Bank of Austr...
8 Jul 2014
RBA warns banks over mortgages
The Reserve Bank has warned Australian lenders they may need to hold additional capital against housing finance, driving up t...
31 Mar 2015
RBA warns major downturn may be coming
Buyers have been warned that the surge in investment activity could trigger a jump in speculative behaviour and ultimately a ...
30 Mar 2016
RBA warns of ‘aggressive expansion’ by foreign lenders
The Reserve Bank of Australia has issued “a note of caution” over the aggressive expansion of foreign lenders in the loca...
18 May 2017
RBA warns of Brisbane apartment glut
The Reserve Bank says the housing market requires “careful monitoring” and has warned of the impact of an apartment overs...
11 Aug 2015
RBA warns of more boom and more debt
Australia’s central bank has raised the extraordinary possibility that property prices in Sydney and Melbourne have not yet...
24 Jul 2017
RBA warns of mortgage competition risks
The Reserve Bank has warned that recent competitive tensions in the home loan market are the key driver behind recent risky l...
8 Feb 2019
RBA weighs in on RC recommendations
Commissioner Hayne’s recommendations concerning the provision of credit have been described by the RBA governor as “balan...
2 Feb 2015
RBA will set national record tomorrow as dollar weakens
A clear majority of Australian economists believe rates will be left on hold tomorrow as the RBA looks to a lower Aussie doll...
18 Sep 2015
RBA yet to decide if investor crackdown is working
Conflicting signs have emerged as to what impact regulatory intervention has had on the investor market. ...
3 Nov 2016
RBA: ‘Inflation expected to pick up over the next two years’
Following its decision to leave the cash rate unchanged at 1.50 per cent, the Reserve Bank has said that its decision would a...
2 Mar 2017
RBA: ‘We do not expect inflation to fall further’
Despite the rate of national inflation growth rate falling to a 19-year low of 1.5 per cent last year, the governor of the R...
31 Oct 2017
RBA: $1.4bn in home loan switching over September
Australians have switched approximately $59 billion worth of home lending from investor to owner-occupier mortgages since Ju...
21 Nov 2017
RBA: Australian banks could ‘survive a deep recession’
Banks in Australia ‘have sufficient capital to survive a deep recession and a collapse in the housing market’, according ...
12 Sep 2017
RBA: FHBs ‘crowded out of the market by higher housing prices’
First home buyers are "less likely to take on a mortgage" today than in the early 2000s, Reserve Bank economists have found, ...


I'm pretty concerned about investor activity right now and its impact on housing prices. Yes, banks have relaxed lending criteria, making it easier to get money but the impact Ive seen already in inve.....rba needs to get the nest year or so right otherwise well be in trouble.

Any out-of-cycle downward cut to variable rates has to be minor and more likely an adjustment to previous rate cuts that were not fully passed on. The RBA's cash rate determines a benchmark for margin.....rba's cash rate determines a benchmark for margins, and while some lenders may take a hit on their m...
I dont know of any bank that has lifted their reverse mortgage interest rates out of line with any RBA movements. What the hell are they talking about?.....rba movements. What the hell are they talking about?

Such garbage... CHOICE is the most corrupt organisation in Australia, and only recommend businesses, companies, people that benefit themselves. The only conflict of interest via the commission syste...

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