Non-Bank fintech Lender sees record growth with need for bridging loans continuing to grow

Brokers continued need for new bridging loan options for clients helps Bridging lender achieve record growth.


The need for Bridging Loans

With the increased need for bridging loans when a customer has bought a new property before they have sold their current one, products have become the number one solution for brokers and their customers, the Gold coast based fintech is offering loans from $20,000 to over $10,000,000 with LVRs up to 65 per cent and above, the uniquely offer prepaid and capitalised interest in the loan amount with no ongoing fees and charges. can offer code and non-code loans for Bridging, Business and Building purposes with loan terms up to 36 months with a simple and transparent fee structure and has no clawback on commission that continues to separate them from Banks and other Lenders

Broker’s driving the need for

Brokers continue to offer a service many lenders cannot provide, by being available when a customer needs them, and having the customers interests at heart. Lending at any time can be stressful, particularly when you may need a loan quickly or when other lenders won’t help you, so having a trusted adviser like a broker to help navigate that time is extremely valuable to customers. Having brokers offer brings their products to more and more people, which has seen achieve record growth in new brokers accreditation, with double digit growth numbers leading to record amounts of new loans driving the growth of their loan book to a record high.

Meeting Brokers needs for a fast decisions and quick settlement products are built and delivered digitally to meet whatever time frame or scenario the Broker needs to meet, being able to give a Broker a credit decision within two hours and the ability to settle a loan within three days for a client allows a Broker to deliver the best service in the market for short term bridging funding. meeting Brokers needs

Broker accreditation has now been at double digit growth every month in 2022, leading to a record number of Brokers offering to their clients. Broker accreditation is under an hour and gives the Broker the ability to quote online and lodge directly through the website or aggregator portals.

The ability to look at business and construction loan purposes in non-code deals as well as consumer bridging loans creates a unique product offer for Brokers that has partnerships with including AFG, VOW and YBR.

Broker support and tools help Brokers deliver for clients

The Broker portal allows brokers to submit and track their quotes and applications including seeing their loan portfolio and commission. It also includes a broker tool kit with product guides, credit manual, fact sheets, customer guides and forms and with product education and training modules for Brokers. has the #1 bridging product in market delivered fast to brokers and continues to support Brokers by expanding their experienced BDM team and scaling up their Credit team which provides direct access to quote deals instantly, credit advice, broker support, deal workshopping and any product training required.

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