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EWAN MORTON: The pitfalls of positive thinking

The pitfalls of positive thinking

Blogger: Ewan Morton, managing director, Morton & Morton

Have you ever wondered at the ability of those in the real estate industry to be eternally positive no matter what the circumstances?

Demand and prices might rise and fall in response to public sentiment, economic and political events but what never changes is the cheery smile and upbeat predictions of those in the property game.

It seems this is a career for those who see the glass as ‘half full’ rather than ‘half empty’.

However I question if that’s a good approach to encourage in those looking to join and succeed in real estate?

Throughout 2013 the levels of excitement reached fever pitch as auction clearance rates and prices started to rise. There were those in finance and the media predicting the growth was a bubble ripe to burst, but those within the industry were predominantly happy to keep talking up the market.

My mood was much more cautious and I surprised many, including some of my own staff, by being prepared to publically call for vendors to remain realistic.

Whilst it is something we would all rather avoid I believe it is crucial to reinforce the reality that the property markets can go up….and down.

I anticipate this year will be a strong one for our industry which is exciting, but even in a strong market I think it is important to remember that growth is never guaranteed.

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Our role as agents is to guide our clients to help them make the best decisions to deliver the best possible result. To do so requires a level of trust and that means we must be honest, even if the truth is not what the client wants to hear.

Don’t get me wrong I encourage my team to work hard to achieve a positive outcome. I welcome a positive attitude and believe clients respond well to an upbeat presentation.

However nobody wins if positivity is at the expense of reality.

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