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Our passion for self-managed super fund lending has been with Your Manager managing director Rocco Massaria since 2008 when he first initially became involved setting up a commercial SMSF lending warehouse. This has been our niche for a long time.

The best part of that experience is we can now see the opportunity for brokers within SMSF lending. As per the ATO self-managed super fund quarterly statistical report for June 2019, Australian real estate has $21.77 billion in borrowings with an average loan size being $460,890.

We understand what brokers require to be supported, and from what our brokers tell us, it is through training, communication and trust.

This is where Your Manager has stood out for our brokers. We provide one-on-one or group training to help educate our accredited brokers as well as provide non-branded marketing material for them to use.  Added to that, what I believe has really made the difference, is that the brokers get to talk directly with our experienced and approachable credit team to work through the scenario before they go through the process of meeting the clients or referrers and then being rejected because of some policy issue.

Communication is one of our strengths and, we believe, the key to looking after the end customer for our brokers. The easier and faster we make the loan application happen, then the happier the customer and the broker.

Product-wise, both our residential and commercial programs offer:

  • 100 per cent offset (that’s right, commercial also has 100 per cent offset)
  • Full internet access for income receipts and bill payments
  • 30-year term, set and forget, with no annual reviews
  • New property

Last year, our process helped settle 93 per cent of all broker loan applications. If we can’t do the loan, we will help you find a home for it, if we can.

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This gave brokers the confidence to keep coming back with their scenarios and even their own loans (talk to us about special terms for that), so we have built a level of trust, which we hold most dearly. Our most recent testimonial from a broker group really says it all:

“The Your Manager team was amazing from start to finish. A dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals who made the process easy to follow, and their customer service surpassed all expectations. A very friendly and helpful team. Their excellent commercial SMSF product, which provides a 100 per cent offset and a 30-year loan term, was a standout. We look forward to working with Your Manager again.” –Paris Georgiades, MD of Geocorp Finance

The question I constantly get is: Why “Your Manager”? Why should we be dealing with you? And I constantly turn to the trust and experience. We will not waste your time.

Trust – we will not try and cross-sell your client.
Trust – we will not simply take an application and then it gets put in the “too hard” basket.
Trust – we will provide transparent communication. Our phone lines are always open.

Talk to a real person. Talk to us.

Rocco Massaria
Love to help brokers succeed
1300 214 450
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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