Spotlight: Where to next for mortgage digitisation?

The digitisation of the mortgage process has been accelerated in the past two years, but we’re still only at the advent of bringing the home-buying process into the 21st century. In this Spotlight episode, partnered by LEXTECH, we find out what’s on the horizon for digitising mortgages.

Partnered by LEXTECH

In this episode, host Annie Kane is joined by Jack Meredith, the chief operating officer of cloud-based mortgage settlement platform LEXTECH, to discuss the revolution of the mortgage process in Australia, brought about by digital transformation and technology.

Tune in to find out:

  • Why we’ve only just seen the first “baby steps” into mortgage process digitsation
  • The opportunities facing the mortgage and finance industry 
  • How LEXTECH aims to deliver transparency to all players of the mortgage process

And much more!


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