Unlocking Opportunity: How Education Drives Product Diversification for Brokers

Bridgit’s fast, digital lending process is helping brokers diversify their product offerings and unlocking opportunities for their clients to buy now and sell later.

Borrowers turn to brokers to gain the expert guidance they need to capitalise on the best opportunities. But in order to act fast and decisively, borrowers need to understand their options and secure loan approval in hours (not weeks).

In fact, 47% of experienced borrowers believe the most valuable service a broker can provide is being able to accurately explain different loan options to them.

As Bridging Loan specialists, Bridgit believes education is what enables borrowers to get ahead in a competitive market. A key part of that is teaming up with brokers to ensure they’re up to speed on all things bridging finance so they can confidently offer their clients a short-term solution outside of the traditional home loan.

Helping Australian homeowners progress in life is all about simplifying the entire loan journey and making specialist loan products accessible to more borrowers. With the right education, training and support from lenders, brokers can tap into property financing outside the standard home loan and increase their competitive advantage in the market.

An education-driven approach

Bridgit’s education program and hands-on support ensure brokers are empowered to diversify their product offerings and access finance options outside of the traditional home loan.

With a team of in-house Bridging Loan specialists, accredited brokers and referrers gain access to free webinars, educational flyers, in-depth presentations and resources to confidently share this knowledge with prospective and existing clients.

Brokers are teamed up with a dedicated Bridgit BDM to gain the training and onboarding experience needed to upskill and stay up-to-date on policy and credit decisioning (including open lines of communication from brokers to Bridgit’s credit decisioning team).

This direct access to the credit team minimises approval delays, resolves client queries sooner and ensures each client can access the property financing solution they need to progress in life.

Fast approvals, powered by tech

Mountains of paperwork and slow approval timelines can cause borrowers to miss out on the best property opportunities. It’s no surprise that 77% of borrowers are actively seeking out brokers who offer a fully digitised mortgage process that taps into tech to offer the resources and information they need to make informed decisions.

While other lenders provide approvals in weeks, Bridgit is able to offer approval in less than 24 hours.

This is driven by a fully digitised mortgage process that replaces paperwork with a quick, simple online application. Once submitted, borrowers can see the status of their application in a real-time customer portal. Plus, brokers gain visibility of the status of client applications through a custom broker portal (which also acts as a resource hub with instant scenario workshopping tools and calculators).

By blending a tech-driven application process with on-demand personalised support, brokers are best placed to help borrowers buy their next home on their terms.

Mortgage Brokers

For brokers interested in partnering with Bridgit, visit their dedicated partnerships page to explore the opportunities and benefits of a partnership or schedule a call with their team to learn more.

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