Our top podcast episodes of the year 2023

We reveal the most-listened-to episodes of the Mortgage Business Podcast Network in 2023.

From rising rates, rampant inflation, bank collapses, and interviews with the founders of the mortgage industry – this year, we’ve covered a huge array of topics in our podcast episodes on the Mortgage Business Podcast Network. Some of the predictions we got right, some ... not so much.

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 most-listened-to podcasts of the year 2023 (and make sure you subscribe via your podcast player of choice to never miss an episode!).

Unpacking the latest inflation and lending figures

Join Annie Kane and Kate Aubrey as they discuss the latest figures on lending and refinancing, what’s been done on a state level to help support home buyers, and how the new inflation figures may impact the RBA’s next rate meeting.

They discuss:

  • Does APRA need to change serviceability buffers amid new lending slowdown?
  • The official launch of NSW’s stamp duty opt-out scheme.
  • How housing is leading the inflation rise.

Property values drop at fastest pace since 2008

Join Alex Whitlock and Annie Kane as they discuss CoreLogic’s final figures for property values in 2022 and how mortgage rates are feeding into the largest annual drop in values since 2008.

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They discuss:

  • Which areas are seeing property values change most dramatically.
  • How the property market might fare this year.
  • Why cyber crime is the number one security issue in Australia now.

Spotlight: Why 2030s will be the ‘most delicious’ decade for brokers

In this episode, host Kate Aubrey unravels what the next decade will look like in property, speaking with co-founder and director of The Demographics Group, Simon Kuestenmacher, who provides insights into how demographic changes will shape the mortgage market.

Tune in to find out:

  • How the ageing population will be new opportunities for Millennials.
  • Why the broking industry will be booming in the 2030s.
  • Systemic housing policies needed.

A new aggregator giant forms

Join Alex Whitlock, Annie Kane, and Kate Aubrey as they discuss the moves being taken to encourage first home buyers into the market in a rising rate environment, the new aggregator giant that has been formed, and why banks are being hauled to face parliamentary committees.

They discuss:

  • How NSW is luring first home buyers back into market.
  • The RBA’s move to raise the cash rate to 3.35 per cent.
  • Loan Market’s decision to retire the PLAN Australia, Choice Aggregation, and FAST brands.

The inflation surprise

Join Alex Whitlock, Annie Kane, and Kate Aubrey as they discuss the latest quarterly inflation data and what’s driving the highest Consumer Price Index levels for 33 years, how The Voice could benefit Indigenous home ownership, and how the first week of auctions fared.

They discuss:

  • A slow start to the 2023 auctions market.
  • How the 7.8 per cent inflation figure will weigh on the RBA.
  • Members of industry named in the Australia Day Honours List.

The balancing act between rate hikes and serviceability

Join Alex Whitlock, Annie Kane, and Kate Aubrey as they discuss the auction market, why refinancing is still soaring while new mortgage activity falls, and why the market expects the cash rate to rise by 25 bps this week.

They discuss:

  • What the RBA is expected to do with the cash rate in February and March.
  • Should APRA change the interest rate buffer?
  • ANZ buys a shareholding in View Media Group.

Spotlight: Seizing opportunity in a changing lending environment

In this Spotlight episode, host Annie Kane is joined by Assetline Capital’s national head of sales and distribution Royden D'Vaz to discuss:

  • What challenges and opportunities are on the horizon for mortgage borrowers.
  • How brokers can best support borrowers in 2023.
  • How Assetline is expanding its product range to offer more solutions.

Regulating the BNPL market

Join Alex Whitlock, Annie Kane, and Kate Aubrey as they discuss inflation and house price forecasts; what the lending and broker markets think about regulating the buy now, pay later sector; and the interesting move from the chief executive of MOVE Bank.

They discuss:

  • How the industry responded to the BNPL regulation consultation.
  • What will happen to property prices this year?
  • Therese Turner’s move from MOVE Bank.

The SVB collapse

Join Alex Whitlock and Annie Kane as they discuss the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in the US and its implications for the financial system, RBA’s changing language around rate hikes, and why Mark Bouris believes the central bank’s inflation target should change.

They discuss:

  • What led to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.
  • Three years on from COVID-19; how has the property market changed?
  • Why the RBA may pause sooner rather than later.

Why Greg Medcraft believes Australia should have a public RMBS

In this special episode, host Annie Kane sits down with AFG chairman and former ASIC chairman Greg Medcraft to discuss why he believes Australia needs a public RMBS and his proudest achievements as chairman of the financial services regulator.

Tune in to find out:

  • Why he’s passionate about securitisation.
  • What he’s most proud of from his tenure as ASIC chairman.
  • Why he joined AFG.

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